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Character: Gwen
Series: Disgaea
Version: Pre-Disgaea 1, light novels
Age: Appears in her late 20s, early 30s. Her lifespan had been tampered with by Sakura, so it is unknown how old she really was.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero.

Compared to the demons of the Netherworld, Gwen dresses remotely plain. At one time it is believed she had a scarf similar (or the same) to Laharl’s, but it was either cast away or in fact passed down to him. She wears a white blouse, the back trailing to her ankles, and blue shorts down to her knees. Her skin is pale and her eyes, a brown/reddish color, always display a form of emotion, often times soft, but she can become fierce if the situation calls for it. Her hair is a lighter shade than her eyes.

Gwen arrives with no weapons.

Gwen fully believes that every species is capable of love, including demons. When it comes to love, she may not be as advent as Flonne, but she will try to coerce others into believing it as well. She has a kind heart and has done her best to raise her son in much the same way. Gwen doesn’t tend to hide her emotions well (heart-on-her-sleeve kind of woman), and this can be seen in her posture as a whole as well as, stated above, her eyes.

She is protective, a trait that came even before she was a mother, and will fight side by side with those she loves, or fight to keep them safe. By nature she may be gentle, but there is a fierceness to her, whether it’s used against those who’ve wronged someone of hers, or… well… sometimes giving Krichevskoy a good talking to, but she knows humor as well. Really, her and Krichevskoy make a good match.

With her protectiveness comes her shockingly selfless side.

Gwen will make connections to people easily, finding friendship even when surrounded by strangers, and these people can become very close to her heart as well.

Gwen wielded a bow while serving her first king in Great Britain, and she was also skilled on horseback. She is also skilled with daggers. Gwen is familiar in witchcraft as well, likely having an idea of it from her home era, and then it broadened while she lived in the Netherworld. She can brew medicinal potions and work with various relics and amulets.

In regards to magic of the Netherworld, she knows healing and support magic, with a small side of elemental:
Heal, Mega Heal, Giga Heal, Espoir, Braveheart, Shield, Magic Boost, Magic Wall, Wind, and Ice.

And of course, there is strength of heart. That in itself she imagines to be more powerful than any of her other abilities.

Gwen is loyal to the point where she would rather die than live without the one she’s sworn an oath to. In fact, it’s also been proven that she would rather die than let her child die. This will be dangerous when it comes to both Laharl and Vyers, because she will not be able to stand allowing anything to happen to them – Vyers especially, given that he’s already died.

She also tends to be openly trusting, believing in the good of others even when it may seem like otherwise; she’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt. This has the possibility of leading to many downfalls.

While the early part of Gwen’s life is unknown, she lived much of her life on Earth in Great Britain, constantly alongside the king in all forms, including battle. It is likely she came from the 5th or 6th century though, given how the early Anglo-Saxons in actual history invaded Great Britain during that timeframe. (Also this era makes some sense as to Gwen’s otherworldly knowledge of magic that she uses later in canon)

Her king wielded Excalibur, a legendary sword of great power, which in the end became his downfall. They wanted to bring peace to their country, but what they got was the tide turning in a battle by the crazed, sword-obsessed angel, Sakura. She engages the king in order to possess his sword, and would have taken Gwen into battle as well, but Laharl (who had traveled back in time with others to presumably stop Sakura from getting Excalibur) used his scarf to protect her.

When she begs him to save her king, he refuses, much to her despair. But she won’t stand for staying on the sidelines, and goes to fight side-by-side with the king. In an effort to stop Sakura, Gwen goes against her, but ultimately falls into Sakura’s dimensional black hole – but not without yelling to the knight, Bedivere, to follow their king’s orders in regards to Excalibur.

The dimensional fissure takes them to the Netherworld, where Sakura forced her into servitude until the demon Overlord, Krichevskoy rushed in to save her.

You could say it was love at first sight, and eventually the two had a child: Laharl.

Unfortunately, her son was not very old when he contracted a deadly, incurable disease. In order to save him, Gwen gave her life so that he may live. But despite her noble reasons, this act was still suicide, which meant she was to atone for her sin as a prinny, but instead of going through such steps, she finds herself before the gates of Paixao, still human, and very, very confused.

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